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How To Get An Even Burn

Updated: Feb 20

To be a true candle lover one must understand how to get an even BURN. Tunneling candles can be a huge problem and so frustrating when all that wax goes to waste!

When you light a candle the wax melts around the wick and creates a melted wax pool. This melted ring needs to reach the edge of the container before you snuff out your wick. Where ever this ring is when you snuff out your candle is where it will burn to the next time you light.

The goal is to burn until that melt pool is the full surface of the container every single time you burn.

Each container is different. Some waxes are harder or softer. Wicks can make a huge difference as well. With all the different variables you have to watch your candles and that melt pool.

Spark & Stone Co candles are 3 inches diameter and usually takes 3-4 hours to get that melt pool to reach the edges. If it's within 1/4" of the edge it's safe to snuff out.

If you want a little scent but do not have 3-4 hours to burn, take the lid off. Spark & Stone Co candles have a wonderful cold throw. You will be able to enjoy it without lighting it. Only burn it when you have the time to enjoy it it's crackling wick. These are intention candles after all.

Burning 3-4 hours at a time will ensure you are using all the wax and getting the most burn time from your candle.

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