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Welcolme to the Family

I’m a mom of 4 littles and wife to one amazing man that are my whole world. Being a creative person and a stay at home mom, I needed a way to use my creative side and have a purpose. I love being a mother and it is so rewarding, but I needed an outlet that was just for me.  I love being able to help people. Last year my goal was to live my life with purpose. It made such a difference when I intentionally spent my time. I was more productive and felt better about the things I was accomplishing! My overall wellness was what I noticed most of all. I was so much happier living this way. 

I grew up traveling with my parents to rock and gem shows and working at their store by Zion National Park. One night I just had this epiphany, rocks and candles!  I couldn’t let the idea go. I knew I had to do this. It has become such a passionate hobby for me and I hope I can help others along the way. Intentional living and having all these fun ideas has been such a stimulating thing for me. Being able to share it with you now has been a dream come true.  Now I’m a mom by day and candle maker by night on a mission to help other people live their lives with intent and purpose. 

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